Appealing Photos of Food (08-05-22)

Researchers investigated how the properties of food photos influence expectations of how the food shown will taste.  Liu and teammates determined, via a study published in the Journal of Business Research, that “Photos high in color saturation make food look fresher and tastier to viewers, which increases their willingness to order the menu items. . . . Color saturation refers to the intensity of the color in the image – the vividness and richness of the reds and greens and blues. . . . The photos with high color saturation were edited with professional graphic design software to be 130% more saturated than the low-saturation photos. The up-close photos were 130% larger in radius and appeared nearer to the observer than the more distant photo. . . . color saturation had a stronger effect when the food appeared more distant in the photos. . . . [the effect of color saturation] was stronger for people who were told they would be eating alone and weaker for those who would be eating with family.”

“How Color in Photos Can Make Food Look Tastier.”  2022.  Press release, The Ohio State University,