Adding Augmented Reality (04-27-21)

Adding augmented reality experiences can increase sales.  Tan, Chandukala, and Reddy report, in a study published in the Journal of Marketing,that “AR transforms static objects into interactive, animated three-dimensional objects, helping marketers create fresh experiences that captivate and entertain customers. . . . . AR is also an effective medium to deliver content and information to customers. . . . AR can also be used to provide in-store wayfinding and product support. . . . AR also helps users visualize how products would appear in their actual consumption contexts to assess product fit more accurately prior to purchase. . . . Retailers selling premium products may also leverage AR to improve decision comfort and reduce customers’ hesitation in the purchase process.”

“Press Release from the Journal of Marketing: Augmented Reality in Retail and Its Impact on Sales.”  2021. Press release, American Marketing Association,