Activity and Performance (06-11-21)

Schnellewald and colleagues probed how activity while doing knowledge work influences performance. As they report, their “study examines the possible effects on objective work performance while using two types of dynamic office workstations (DOWs). . . . participants each used one type with three intensities (seated, light, moderate) and completed a task battery assessing cognitive performance and office work with two levels of complexity. . . . By using DOWs, light physical activity can be integrated while working at a desk. Results showed that using different types of DOWs with different intensities does have a detrimental effect on tasks requiring a high motor control, but not on cognitive or further office work-related tasks of various complexity.”

Vera Schnellewald, Jens Kleinert, and Rolf Ellegast. 2021.   “Effects of Two Types of Dynamic Office Workstations (DOWs) Used at Two Intensities on Cognitive Performance and Office Work in Tasks with Various Complexity.”  Ergonomics, vol. 64, no. 6, pp. 806-818,