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Davidovic and colleagues studied preferred colors for street lighting.  They report that their “project aimed to compare subjective evaluations of the sidewalk illumination under two street lighting installations, realised by LEDs of 3000 K (warm white) and 4000 K (neutral white). . . . Both installations had comparable sidewalk illuminances as well as other relevant photometric parameters. . . . [study participants were] asked to grade both lighting installations for the sidewalk light intensity, the appearance of human faces, the colour of light and the colour rendering as well as the overall impression. . . . the 3000 K LED installation was considered better than the 4000 K installation for all aspects assessed as well as the overall impression.”

M. Davidovic, L. Djokic, A. Cabarkapa, and M. Kostic.  “Warm White Versus Neutral White LED Street Lighting:  Pedestrians’ Impressions.”  Lighting Research and Technology, in press,


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