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2022 - March

Post-pandemic residential design

2022 - March

Soundscaping for security

2022 - March

Using art to achieve design objectives

People who design public spaces where crowding can be an issue will be intrigued by the findings of a new paper published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Work by a research team lead by Van Den Eeden provides additional evidence that living near green spaces is good for our health. 

Research indicates that urban design is affecting neighborhood temperatures.

A recent study confirms the negative health effects of noise exposure and supports the use of sound insulation.

Svanas-Hoh, Sanchez, and Tsay evaluated how mood influences evaluations of music.

Research conducted by Lemon, Li, and Ali confirms that there are significant connections between our sensory experiences.

Living near a green area has been linked to less likelihood of having a stroke.