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Chen and Cabrera set out to better understand how color influences experiences in concert halls using virtual reality depictions of concert halls; select surfaces were one color or another, depending on the test condition.

Wang and Chang link colors seen and tastes tasted. 

Iqbal and Abubakar confirm how useful outdoor restorative spaces can be.  

Sato and colleagues’ work confirms that many factors influence what we see. 

Chen and Spence investigated how smelling particular sorts of odors influenced perceptions of facial attractiveness; it seems likely that their findings can also be applied in other contexts. 

Benedetti and colleagues learned that the lighting of places where people are working influences how well they sleep at night. 

Researchers have determined that looking at plants and guided meditation have similar effects on our mental state.

Researchers have investigated responses to wood used in built environments in cities; it is possible that their findings are relevant in other contexts. 

Shi, Mai, and Mo investigated links between the shapes of products and the opinions formed of them. 

Trupp and colleagues learned that there are significant psychological benefits to looking at visual art and cultural content electronically, even for brief periods of time.