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Wilmot and Ones link particular personality factors to success in certain sorts of jobs and their findings are useful to designers aligning design with personality.

Coronado and colleagues assessed how design influences thoughts about the likelihood of catching a disease. 

The way a robot feels influences opinions about it. 

Samuelsson studied links between urban design and wellbeing. 

Carlini and Bigand looked at relationships between sounds heard and the accuracy of estimations of how long an object being looked at moved. 

Newman and colleagues investigated how virtual reality realism influences potentially restorative VR experiences. 

Estes and Streicher’s work makes it clear that retail design and planning should support use of certain sorts of shopping carts. 

2021 - November

We communicate by speaking to each other using words and via nonverbal signals.  Neuroscience research indicates how spaces and objects can support positive “dialogues” regardless of whether words are spoken aloud or messages are communicated silently, using a Zoom-type service or IRL F2F.

2021 - November

Places and things are designed at a certain moment in time and once created exist for periods of time.  Neuroscience research details how design can drive time-related effects and how familiarity/change should be managed, for instance.  

2021 - November

Design can be used to change impressions formed of places and objects (for example, how warm or big they seem to be).  Neuroscience research indicates how this power to manage perceptions can be used constructively.