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Shen and colleagues studied responses to different sorts of advertisements along with perceived beauty. 

Satish, Joseph, and Nanavati recap the benefits of natural light.

Researchers have identified an increased likelihood of hoarding in people with ADHD;  this finding may indicate a greater need for storage options among people with ADHD who are not hoarding. 

Abrams probed the experiences of people with ADHD working during the pandemic and her findings indicate how workplace design can support people with ADHD generally. 

Liao and teammates’ work supports previous studies with color-based metaphors.

Chuquichambi and colleagues’ work confirms that humans prefer curved lines to sharp angled ones. 

Howell and Booth link neighborhood walkability and the presence of outdoor amenities to better health and fewer cases of diabetes among residents. 

Uziel and Tomer Schmidt-Barad investigated how the decisions to be alone and to be with others influence wellbeing and their findings confirm the importance effects of control on wellbeing. 

2022 - February

People can build positive relationships with places just as they do with other humans.  When person-place bonds are established, physical and mental wellbeing and performance skyrocket.  Neuroscience research details practical ways design can encourage connections between people and places.

2022 - February

Design can help us to refresh mentally, to revitalize our minds. What neuroscientists have learned about how design can support brain bounce backs can be used to develop spaces where people work to their full potential and lead pleasant lives.