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2021 - September

Countering workplace burnout

2021 - September

"Balancing" experiences

2021 - September

Planning for health, wellbeing, and performance

Neilson, Craig, Altman, Travis, Vance, and Klein extend the discussion of biophilic design to spacecraft interiors.

Holt, Zapetis, Babadi, and Tootell chart how COVID has influenced the size of our preferred personal space zones. 

Crown investigated how the sensory systems of people on the autism spectrum process information from the physical world.

Chesterman, de Pattista, and Causse evaluated the during-lockdown experiences of people living in France.

Recent research indicates just how long we’ve been using things to send nonverbal messages. 

How do names influence perceptions? 

Sanciangco and colleagues investigated links between urban design and crime.