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Eyal, and Robertson report on mentally refreshing breaks. 

Pic and Han evaluated how children play indoors and outside. 

Researchers confirmed that nudges, including design-based nudges, can influence behavior in intended ways. 

Research linked creativity and walking some time ago. 

The groundbreaking urban research of William H. is reported in American Urbanist:  How William H. Whyte’s Unconventional Wisdom Reshaped Public Life, by Richard Rein. 

Hunter and colleagues studied how neighborhood design influences resident actions. 

Steele and Rash evaluated how use of the color red on dishes influences eating.

Berger, Rocklage, and Packard studied the implications of communicating in different ways; their findings are broadly useful, for example, to people doing programming research. 

Chang and Kim studied how different sorts of background music in movies influences the thoughts of audience members.

Motoki and teammates studied how coffee shop design influences the experiences of people in them.