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Sorokowska and colleagues investigated how personal space preferences influenced COVID-19’s spread; interpersonal spacing is a core environmental psychology research area. 

Researchers from the University of Exeter have identified some benefits of playing outdoors and their findings can be used to encourage the development and maintenance of outdoor play areas for children. 

Some hotels benefit more from installing electric vehicle charging stations that others. 

Brochu and collaborators studied links between how green an area is and the death rates of residents. 

Some researchers are suggesting that smell and taste be considered one sensory channel, not two.

An exhibit at the Museum of Craft and Design (San Francisco; February 12 to June 5, 2022, “Living with Scents”) focuses on scent-based experiences. 

Straffon and colleagues assessed people’s responses to artworks that they created.

Using the Outdoor Recreation Valuation Tool (ORVal), developed at the University of Exeter, researchers have determined the values of parks, beaches, and other green spaces in the United Kingdom. 

Birman and Ferguson increase our understanding of the cognitive effects of listening to music. 

Soininen and colleagues thoroughly investigated the repercussions of having green walls in Finnish offices.