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2022 - April

Assessment drivers identified

In a study with applications beyond the specific research question investigated, Garay, Perez, and Pulga probed responses to color palettes used in paintings. 

Gore and colleagues studied the effects of seeing art on anxiety among cancer patients. 

Ouyang and colleagues learned how significantly the way product options are presented influences impressions formed; their findings are likely applicable more generally than the specific context investigated. 

Cosgun and associates set out to learn how wall coverings influence perceptions of cafés. 

Sirolo and team investigated how moving from private offices to an activity-based workplace influences work environment satisfaction one year after the move. 

Yildirim and colleagues set out to learn more about how design influences user assessments of workplaces.

Suhaimi and teammates studied aesthetic preferences. 

Van Kerckhove and teammates probed how form influences impressions made. 

Zeloni and Pavani report on sounds that humans link to sadness.