Residential Dwelling

Gardens Prevail! (04-12-16)

Cervinka and colleagues studied the relative restorativeness of several spaces, and their findings have been published in Urban Forestry and Urban Greening.    A related press release states that the team found that when participants in their survey-based study “rated the restorative value of their private lounges, terraces, balconies and gardens. . . .  that gardens are experienced as being significantly more restorative than balconies or terraces [or lounges]. . .

Preventing Sleep Interruptions (11-17-15)

Research by Finan, Quartana, and Smith confirms how important it is to design in safeguards that prevent sleep from being disrupted (for example, adequate acoustic shielding around areas in homes, hospitals and dormitories, etc., where people can be expected to sleep).  The team found that “partial sleep loss from sleep continuity disruption [being awoken after falling asleep] is more detrimental to positive mood than partial sleep loss from delaying bedtime [falling asleep later].”


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