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School Restrooms (11-23-15)

Cascades Tissues Group surveyed people in the US who are or have been on-campus students at the kindergarten through graduate school level relatively recently.  What they learned about how bathrooms at schools are being used is consistent with the findings of researchers who have studied workplace restrooms.  For more information on that workplace research, read this article.   

Sounds of Conversation are Indeed Disruptive (11-11-15)

Strukelj and his teammates have found that hearing conversations does indeed hinder cognitive functioning.  They found that sounds of playing children, crying babies, and a conversational babble impeded the management of mental processes such as problem solving and these sounds “were also classified as highly disturbing by participants.”

Alexander Strukelj, K. Brannstrom, Nile Holmberg, Frans Mossberg, and Kenneth Holmqvist.  “The Impact of Sound Presentations on Executive Control:  Evidence from Eye Movements.” Psychology of Music, in press.

Designing Polling Places (11-09-15)

Acemyan and Kortum have assessed the optimal design of places where people will vote.  They report that participants (from the United States) asked to view photorealistic images of polling places and indicate the usability of those locations gave the lowest ratings to configurations “when voting machines had neither dividers nor spacing between units and when the voting machines were placed so that two rows faced each other in the center of the room.

Teammate Treatment (11-04-15)

Teammates can all be treated the same or some may be treated better than others, for example, via the design of their workspaces or tools provided to them.  Treatment can vary because of perceived differences in competence or for many other reasons.  Sui and his colleagues have learned that equal treatment to all or much better treatment to some team members decreases team performance.


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