Personality and Things (07-12-16)

It seems that acquiring things can indeed make us happy, as long as the new items align with our personality.  Matz, Gladstone, and Stillwell report that “In a field study using more than 76,000 bank-transaction records, we found that individuals spend more on products that match their personality, and that people whose purchases better match their personality report higher levels of life satisfaction. . . .

Describing Ourselves With Stuff (06-07-16)

We use the things that we “own” to evaluate ourselves.  As Weiss and Johar share,  “consumers classify products they own as ‘self’ and products they do not own as ‘not-self.’ Consequently, consumers judge their own physical and personal traits (e.g., height, sincerity) [to be consistent with] traits of products they own, but in contrast to traits of products they do not own, even following imposed ownership, when a person acquires an object they may not have chosen themselves. . . .


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