Residential Dwelling

Working All Night (03-31-14)

Scent has almost magical effects on the way our minds work.  Ritter and his team have learned that when we smell the same odor while sleeping that we did when we started to work on a problem, we develop more creative solutions (i.e., ones that are both more novel and useful) to that problem.  It’s relatively easy to make sure that you smell the same smell while working and sleeping – a common essential oil can be placed both in your bedroom and your office.  In the words of the researchers: “we investigate[d] whether one can actively enhance the beneficial effect of sleep on

Homeownership and Life Satisfaction (03-21-14)

Environmental psychology research consistently indicates the value of having a home territory and Research Design Connections has previously reported on the benefits of having a place we feel we control in this article.  Zumbro’s research confirms that the relationship between having a home and life satisfaction remains strong.  Doing research in Germany, he found that there is “a positive relationship between homeownership and life satisfaction. . . .

A Challenge for Workplace Designers (01-23-14)

Workplace designers face many challenges, including energizing and engaging employees who use smartphones after 9 pm for business calls.  Johnson, Lanaj, and Barnes and have learned that “Using a smartphone to . . . work at night results in less work the next day. . . . people [participating in a research study] who monitored their smartphones for business purposes after 9 p.m. were more tired and were less engaged the following day on the job. . .