Problems With Private Room NICUs? (11-14-13)

Neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) with private rooms may not be optimal environments for infants.  Pineda and team evaluated 2-year-olds who had been patients in NICUs.  Those who’d been randomly assigned to private rooms were different from those who had been in open ward NICUs - they had “lower language scores  . . .

Urban Zen in a New York Hospital

A pilot project evaluates the impact of a multifaceted ‘optimal healing environment’ intervention.

Designing for Children's Health

Researchers have investigated the design of environments that promote children’s health, from pediatric hospitals to neighborhood streets to play areas.

Keeping Patients Happy (and Alive)

Hand washing and art—there are few elements of healthcare environments that are more often researched, but new solutions are still being revealed.

Healthcare Design: What, Where, Why

Hospitals can be seen through different lenses, such as a business case lens, a cultural lens and an ethical lens, and all have implications for design.

Enhancing the Patient Experience: Patient Room Design

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Patient Hospital Room

Identical (and  not mirrored) patient rooms show benefits, and there is an increasing emphasis on patient bathroom design.