2012 - Issue 1

Consultation Room Design

Patients and doctors often must have frank conversations about personal issues.  What is the best design for the rooms in which these conversations take place? 

Keeping on Track with New Wayfinding Research

Researchers are developing a much better understanding of how people navigate through space and how wayfinding aids can be enhanced.

Living Outdoors

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Urban Park

The design and management of the natural environments available to suburbanites and city dwellers have a significant influence on the well-being of humans and their planet.

Landscapes for Health: Therapeutic AND Sustainable Landscapes in the Healthcare Setting

The majority of “healing gardens” and other outdoor spaces in healthcare facilities do little or nothing to address environmental concerns, but with care,  sustainable and therapeutic landscapes can complement each other.

by Naomi Sachs, ASLA, EDAC

Performing Creative Work

Designers often need to be creative, but what personal and social factors are linked to this ability?

Color-Smell Links

People developing spaces and objects for which smell and color are both important have more information to aid in their work.

Interior Designing Now

The American Society of Interior Designers has had extensive discussions with Fellows of its organization to learn more about how firms can succeed in the new economy.

Daylight at Home

There is a new  report on daylight in residential environments. This review  is comprehensive and addresses a range of useful topics.