Foster Creativity

Mood and Creativity (06-02-14)

A new study links mood and creativity; it is relevant to designers’ work because design can influence emotional state.  The Monitor on Psychology reports that by randomly contacted adults over a week period (by sending messages to their cellphones to which they were asked to reply) researchers at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro found that “People reported doing something creative around 20 percent of the time, and those who generally reported feeling happy and active were much more likely to be doing something creative in a given moment, such as making up their

Working All Night (03-31-14)

Scent has almost magical effects on the way our minds work.  Ritter and his team have learned that when we smell the same odor while sleeping that we did when we started to work on a problem, we develop more creative solutions (i.e., ones that are both more novel and useful) to that problem.  It’s relatively easy to make sure that you smell the same smell while working and sleeping – a common essential oil can be placed both in your bedroom and your office.  In the words of the researchers: “we investigate[d] whether one can actively enhance the beneficial effect of sleep on