Ease Wayfinding

How should spaces accommodate visually impaired users?

Defined paths with different textures help those with low vision

Recently there’s been a lot of focus on creating spaces in which people with low or no vision can be comfortable.

Designing Using Local Concepts

 A transit case study highlights the value of using locally meaningful concepts during the design process.

Navigating Cities

Understanding an area's layout and being able to see more of it helps with navigation.

Signs and Signals

Research on designing navigation signs for non-English speakers.

Evolution of Street Networks (04-09-12)

Strano and his colleagues report on “the empirical analysis of a unique data set regarding almost 200 years of evolution of the road network in a large area located north of Milan (Italy).” 

Keeping on Track with New Wayfinding Research

Researchers are developing a much better understanding of how people navigate through space and how wayfinding aids can be enhanced.