Ownership and Culture (10-01-14)

Gjersoe and her team have learned that our national culture influences how we respond to objects.  More specifically, “individualistic cultures place a greater value on objects associated with unique persons [than collectivist ones].”  This finding has repercussions for design of spaces in general and the allocation of space to individuals, as well as the resolution of other design-related issues.

Presence of Mobile Devices an Issue (07-30-24)

Misra and her team have learned that if a mobile device  (defined as a smartphone, cell phone, laptop, tablet, or similar item) is visible (for example, because it’s on a table top or in someone’s hand) during a conversation, the quality of discussion among people present deteriorates. 

Ours is Special (08-15-12)

Any designer who has ever sought to divest a client of one of their possessions, whether that be a tawdry piece of art or a beat up old chair or something else has seen first hand that once something belongs to a person, it becomes special and important, at least in their eyes.