sensory science

Unstable Furniture, Unstable Relationships (07-17-12)

Research recently completed by David Kille, Amanda Forest, and Joanne Wood (University of Waterloo) and reported in The Economist indicates that sitting on chairs that wobble (for example because all legs are not exactly the same length) beside a similarly unstable table has an influence on opinions about interpersonal relationships.  

Middle Option Most Selected (07-16-12)

Recent research indicates that when presented with a set of objects arranged in a horizontal row and asked to make a selection, people are likely to choose the item located in the center of that row. 

Space Syntax iPad App (07-09-12)

Space syntax is an important design research tool.  N.S. Dalton announced a new iPad app to support people doing space syntax research via a recent e-mail to the space syntax listserv (spacesyntax.jiscmail.ac.uk).