sensory science

Plates and Eating Behavior (01-03-12)

Although research recently conducted at Cornell and London Metropolitan University relates to adult’s and children’s plates, it ultimately may be shown to have repercussions for a broad range of design decisions - such as color use in healthcare facilities where eating needs to be encouraged (e.g., anorexia treatment facilities) – particularly when adults are designing these sorts of spaces for child users.

Weeds are Cool (12-23-11)

Mabey has written a wonderfully intriguing book that will fascinate people who have a professional interest in landscape design, as well as anyone who is interested in how humans and plants co-exist.

Anxious and Oblivious (12-21-11)

Frankel and Bar-Haim, who are associated with Tel Aviv University, learned that the sensory systems of anxious people are not hyper-vigilant as previously believed, but instead not as alert as those in the non-anxious.