design research

Changing Meaning (05-11-10)

At IIT’s Design Research Conference on May 11, Don Norman, the legendary human factors professional and author of The Design of Everyday Things, discussed innovation. 

Use of GIS in Urban Design (05-10-10)

This article by Purciel and her colleagues is noteworthy because the researchers have used geographic information systems (GIS) data to corroborate information collected independently using traditional observation methods. 

Environmental Simulations Valuable (05-05-10)

Full-scale simulations of health care environments being designed are relatively common but simulations are applicable, and useful, for the design of many other spaces – even though they can be costly and time-consuming to produce. 

Taking the Stairs (04-30-10)

Nicoll and Zimring studied the use of stairs and attitudes toward stairs in a newly constructed office building where the main elevators in one section of the building stopped only at every third floor (these are called “skip-stop” elevators).