Workplace Environments

Update: Improving Acoustics

A recent article reviews a number of ways that architects designing school buildings are improving the acoustics in classrooms which are applicable to office and hospital conference rooms and any other environments where proper acoustics can improve experience.

Lessons from Operating Rooms

Lessons learned from the design of operating rooms can be applied to other areas where thoughtful production work is performed.

Colors and Scenic Images Affect Workplace Tasks

Recent research, which has combined an assortment of test conditions in a new way, has shown relationships among task type, office color, presence of scenic images, and workplace performance.

The Inspired Workspace: Designs for Creativity and Productivity

The Inspired Workspace makes just as significant a contribution to workplace design as Zelinsky’s previous books.

Marilyn Zelinsky. 2002. Gloucester, MA: Rockport Publishers.

Supporting Concentration in Work Environments

Achieving business success depends on the work activities and behaviors of individuals, teams, and groups.  We start with our clients’ business goals and measure how well office design supports these.

Reductions in Stress Affect Work Attitudes

Reduction in ambient noise—a significant environmental stressor—has recently been shown to improve workers’ image of their employers and attachment to employing companies.

Leafy Plants May Enhance Creativity

Performance of creative tasks might be improved by placing leafy plants in the field of view of people who are trying to work creatively.