Design Process and Issues

Experiences and Opinions (02-21-14)

Gerald Clore recently won the Association for Psychological Science’s William James Fellow Award.  In his award address at APS’s 2013 annual meeting in Washington, DC, he reviewed research on how experiences influence the way we think.  Some of the research he discussed is directly relevant to design research and the interpretation of data collected.  For example, in one study, people were interviewed about their satisfaction with their lives: “On sunny days . . .

Thinking of Fast Food Affects Non-Food Experiences (02-10-14)

Being reminded of fast food, for example, by seeing related signs/packages or walking by fast food restaurants, affects non-food experiences.  House and his team leaned that “exposure to fast-food [reminders] impeded [study] participants’ ability to derive happiness from pictures of natural beauty. . . . [seeing reminders of fast foods] undermined positive emotional responses to a beautiful melody by inducing greater impatience. . . .

Happiness and Time Left (02-07-14)

Research completed at Wharton can help designers interpret information they collect during programming research as well as determine appropriate rewards for their own employees.  Mogilner and Bhattacharjee learned that “age — particularly the contrasts between people hovering above or below the mid-30s mark — played a key role in what made individuals happy. . . .

Overcoming Via Virtual Reality (02-04-14)

A European research team has developed a virtual reality program to help airplane passengers overcome some of the unpleasant situations they encounter while flying, such as having to sit close to strangers and not having much control over their physical environment. The Europeans “investigate[d] how flight journeys can be made into a more pleasant experience using Virtual Reality. . . . [the team] develop[ed] an airplane cabin in which test subjects can immerse themselves in their own preferred personal environment. . . .

Design Anthropology: Theory and Practice

An interesting and comprehensive introduction to the world of design anthropology.

Wendy Gunn, Ton Otto and Rachel Smith (editors). 2013. Bloomsbury: London.

An Anthropology of Architecture

A great introduction to anthropological research on architecture.

Victor Buchli. 2013. Bloomsbury: New York.