Design Process and Issues

Handbook of Anthropology in Business

Anthropology works!

Edited by Rita Denny and Patricia Sunderland. 2014. Left Coast Press, Inc.: Walnut Creek, California.

Designing Parks and Ignoring Climate Change (07-14-14)

Hatuka and Saaroni document the problems that ensue when park designers don’t realize that their work should reflect the local implications of global climate change.  The researchers report that “Though widely acknowledged, climate change and global warming considerations are poorly integrated in landscape planning practices. . . . [our] paper analyses the design of a contemporary urban park in Jaffa, Israel, investigating why climate considerations are so poorly addressed. . . .

Taste-Related Words and Thinking (07-08-14)

Taste-related words have a special influence on the way that we think.  This research finding may be useful to designers as they plan discussions with clients and each other and may also foreshadow future findings from studies focused on other sensory experiences.  A team of scientists from Princeton and the Free University of Berlin have learned that “taste-related metaphors such as ‘sweet’ actually engage the emotional centers of the brain more than literal words such as ‘kind’ that have the same meaning.”

Color Studies, Third Edition

A classic, useful tool, updated.

by Edith Anderson Feisner and Ron Reed. 2013. Fairchild Books.

EDRA45: Building With Change

Sessions at the annual meeting of the  Environmental Design Research Association focused on the issues that will determine our future wellbeing, as individuals and a species.

How to Study Public Life

An important resource for people trying to learn more about user experiences in complex and active environments.

By Jan Gehl and Birgitte Svarre. Island Press, 2013.