Design Process and Issues

A New Urban Design Research Methodology (09-11-14)

A new methodology for assessing reactions to urban spaces is being used by researchers at the universities in Heidelberg and Kaiserslautern.  Specifically, since “sustainable urban design needs to take into account citizens’ emotional responses to their environment. . . . scientists . . . are developing creative methods to capture information about those feelings from user-generated data. The data is intended to show how citizens use their city, where they feel comfortable and what conditions can evolve into problematic situations. . . .

2-D or 3-D? (09-05-14)

Is it worthwhile to go to the extra effort currently required to present design options in 3-dimensions?  Designers trying to answer this question will be interested in research completed by Bride and his teammates.  These scientists learned from studying people watching movies in 2- and 3-dimensions that “both 2D and 3D technology are highly effective tools for emotion elicitation.