Design Process and Issues

Learning More About Our Minds (11-06-14)

In a very readable book, Groh reports on how information we collect via our different sensory channels is integrated.  Coordinating this information helps us understand where things are and how to move through a space, for example.  This text may provide useful insights to practicing designers interested in learning more about how users experience the places and objects they develop.

Jennifer Groh.  2014.  Making Space:  How the Brain Knows Where Things Are.  Belknap Press:  New York. 

Usefulness of Free Urban Data (11-05-14)

As more data about urban environments become available online, it seems reasonable to consider the usefulness of this information.  In an article that will be published in peer-reviewed Big Data, scientists from IBM research and New York University report, after studying 9,000 data sets made available by 20 cities, “encouraging results on the quality and volume of the available data. . . .

Effectively Using Movies in Research (11-03-14)

Researchers at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz have learned that individuals can become involved in the movies they are watching, regardless of screen size, if the context in which they are watching the movie is similar to that found in a cinema.  This finding provides design researchers with new insights on how to collect information from study participants being shown videos of some sort, for example, virtual reality fly-throughs of proposed spaces.  The research team determined that “When the researchers gave a computer screen the attributes of a movie theater, the test sub

Handbook of Research Methods for Studying Daily Life

Practical guide for studying life as it's lived

Edited by Matthias Mehl, and Tamlin Conner. 2012. Guilford Press: New York.

Put Check Boxes on the Left (10-16-14)

When you’ve been writing online surveys, have you been wondering whether to put the check box (this is the square people click in to select an option) to the left or the right of the text of response options when they’re listed vertically?