Design Process and Issues

Expertise Influences Seeing (03-02-16)

Being an expert influences what we see, literally.  As a press release from Johns Hopkins for a Wiley, Wilson, and Rapp study reports, “visual processing is influenced by experience.” People who were experts in Arabic and who didn’t know the language were asked by Wiley and colleagues to indicate if pairs of letters shown were the same or different, and the speed and accuracy of assessments were measured. Researchers found that “Novices were quicker to differentiate letters while experts were more accurate. Yet the more features a letter had, the slower the novices were.

Carefully Selecting Building Materials (02-16-16)

A professor at Penn State University, Khanjan Mehta, has learned that there are advantages to building in traditional ways.  As the university reports, “Everyone wants a house to live in, and more and more, people around the world want the kinds of houses seen in Europe and North America, rather than those they grew up with, according to a Penn State engineer. However, industrial building materials are often scarce and expensive and alternative, locally sourced, sustainable materials are often a better choice.

Leading Creative Groups (02-02-16)

Who should lead a group charged with coming up with creative ideas?  It turns out that a confident fellow creative is the best choice.  Huang and his team learned that when a team’s leader is confident of their own creative ability, the team members perform at a higher level.

Lei Huang, Dina Krasikova, and Dong Liu.  206.  “I Can Do It, So Can You:  The Role of Leader Creative Self-Efficacy in Facilitating Follower Creativity.”  Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, vol. 132, pp. 49-62. 


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