Design Process and Issues

Getting to High Impact Solutions (03-16-15)

Sarah Kaplan, a senior fellow at Wharton’s Mack Institute, studies innovation.  She reports that “We have this idea out in the world that … bringing distant and diverse knowledge together is the way to get creative insights, and that’s certainly true. However, what we discovered is that there’s an equally important process of the deep dive, of deep knowledge in one domain. . . . brainstorming is not enough without the deep knowledge development that you would need in a particular domain to understand what the issues are so that you can break away from existing ways of thinking. . . .

Trust Ahas! (03-14-16)

Salvi and her research team have confirmed that sometimes it’s a good idea to trust those “aha” type thoughts that come to us out of thin air from time to time.  They report that when participants in their studies were asked to solve linguistic and visual problems, “participants' self-judged insight solutions [their ‘aha’ ones] were, on average, more accurate than their analytic ones.

Expertise Influences Seeing (03-02-16)

Being an expert influences what we see, literally.  As a press release from Johns Hopkins for a Wiley, Wilson, and Rapp study reports, “visual processing is influenced by experience.” People who were experts in Arabic and who didn’t know the language were asked by Wiley and colleagues to indicate if pairs of letters shown were the same or different, and the speed and accuracy of assessments were measured. Researchers found that “Novices were quicker to differentiate letters while experts were more accurate. Yet the more features a letter had, the slower the novices were.


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